Q: Does it cost money for an estimate?

A: Nope. Estimates are completely FREE

Q: How long will it be until I receive the estimate I requested?

A: Depending on the estimators schedule and the flow of business, we try to schedule all estimates within the week they are requested. If you are unable to meet directly with the estimator we are more than happy to leave a quote in your mailbox for you to review on your schedule.

Q: How do I accept the the quote if I am satisfied with it?

A: If you would like to accept the quote left by our estimator call the office or send us an email and we will get you started. If you accept within 24 hours of the bid submission you will receive 5% off. 

Q: Do you have all your licenses, insurances, and certifications?

A: Rest assured we are fully licensed and insured. These documents will be included with your estimate.

Q: When can I get on the schedule?

A: Once you accept the quote we immediately put you on our schedule. We need a signed contract to perform the work and we will not come out until receive that. After all necessary documents have been received our scheduler will reach out to you and give you a date and time that we can come and do your job. Times and dates are subject to change and depend on how busy we are.